The Sports United Benevolent Officials Association (SUBOA) is a not-for-profit organization, not affiliated with any basketball governing body, that has been preparing men and women to enter the vocation of basketball officiating for over fifty years. Current members and past graduates officiate on the NBA, NCAA, JUCO and High School levels. It is considered by many to be the number one coed referee development and training program in the country.

We can and do provide referees for all levels of basketball. If you are interested in having our experienced and well prepared referees officiate your tournament please contact Myles Dorch or Kelsey Stevens. We are sure our officials will demonstrate a level of accuracy and consistency that will help your tournament reach a new standard for basketball in New York.


SUBOA was founded in 1967. SUBOA’s original name stood for Sports United Boro-Wide Officials Association, Broman Division. Broman stood for Bronx-Manhattan. SUBOA is the present acronym for Sports United Benevolent Officials Alliance. SUBOA’s eight founders were:

John Purvis            Richard “Skinny” Reed

Billy Clarke            Rudolph “Bootsy” Mims

Bobby Ware           Rozier Hansborough

Jim Murry              Victor Jeffers


SNAP is an acronym for SUBOA New Applicant Program. SNAP was started in 1984 by Jimm Paull and Walter Williams.



First official to work in the NBA: Hugh Evans

First official to work Men’s NCAA Division I: John Purvis

First official to work Women’s NCAA Division I: Jimm Paull

First official to work the NCAA playoffs: David Day

First woman to work Boy’s PSAL New York City championship: Heather Brown


SUBOA officials who have worked in the NBA:

Hugh Evans                Robbie Robinson

Lee Jones                    Sylvester Dobson

Ronnie Nunn             Richie Jackson


SUBOA officials who have worked NCAA Division I:

David Day                  John Purvis

Leroy Hendricks      Irving Nash

Danny Tavares         Leon Barrett

Darryl Perry             Tony Turner

Fred Griffin              Anthony Price

Randy Donaldson    Jimm Paull

Vincent Murray       Belinda Barnes

Tracey Townes        Nate Milligan

Billy Brooks, Jr        Bill Modeste

Heather Brown


NCAA Division I conferences our members have worked in:

Big East

Atlantic 10


Big South





American East


SUBOA officials who have worked Madison Square Garden:

Orrin Barfield               Belinda Barnes

Leon Barrett                  Bill Baxter

Kim Blair                        Heather Brown

Joyce Bryant                  Billy Clarke

Susan Christian            Dave Day

Randy Donaldson        Rerita Essanason

Joel Flax                         Leroy Hendricks

Archie Layne                Bill Modeste

Bryant Miranda           Mike Napolitano

Irv Nash                         John Purvis

Jimm Paull                    Darryl Perry

Lorenzo Richardson   Wanda Randolph

Kelsey Stevens              Kyle Toppin

Tracy Townes


SUBOA Presidents:

Rozier Hansborough

Billy Clarke

John Purvis

Jim Murray

Harold Rapsatt

Richard Brown

Bob Sawyer

Haneef Nelson

Vincent Murray

Kelsey Stevens

Lester Adams

23 responses to “About

  1. Joe Cruz

    Hello, can you please correct the name of Mr. Reed, one of the founders, as we called him. He was my childhood coach and father figure to me in the South Bronx. His correct name is Richard Reed (Skinny) not Robert. I feel we should have Summer Tourament to honor him called the Skinny Reed Classic. He was great caring person to many kids in South Bronx community.

  2. La Quawna Jeffers

    Hi, I am the granddaughter of founding member, Victor Jeffers. I am writing to commend the continuing efforts and strides being made through this program. I am absolutely certain that my grandfather would be extremely proud and honored! I have often heard stories of his love for basketball and officiating. I have many pictures of him on the hardwood, ref shirt and whistle, and also as a player. I just want to say thank you on behalf of the Jeffers family, that you stuck to the core principals and efforts that was the foundation for this program co-founded by my grandfather along with the other seven gentlemen . Great job! God Bless

    LaQuawna Jeffers

    • Mike Napolitano

      LaQuana, Indeed your grandfather was a great man. “Jeff the Ref” always sticks in my mind when I think of my first years playing biddie basketball. He would always talk to me as an 8 year old little guy that played with 11 and 12 year old teammates for the team Boys of Yesteryear. His legacy lives on in my heart and SUBOA is trying their best to do the same. You should be proud to have had a grandfather and gentleman like Mr. Jeffers. I posted a team pic on facebook of that B of Y team.

    • mike blount

      Hi LaQuawna, I was wondering if you are the daughter of Vic Jr? If so, I wanted you to know that he was a great man such as his father was and a person I considered a good friend. He was also a great ballplayer representing GunHill and also as I’m sure you know was a great cook! God Bless the Jeffers family.

      • Jason Green

        My name is Jason Green. LaQuawna is my cousin and we are both children of Victor Jr’s sisters. We appreciate the comments about our Uncle and Grandfather and are extremely proud of our lineage. My cousin Victor Jeffers III. carries the name into the future and we all carry the Jeffers Spirit. RIP Gramma, Grampa, and Uncle Vic.





  3. carl campbell

    its nice to see suboa with this web site and have a chance to reflect on our history of officating the city game..john purvis james murray skinny reid jeff mr. hansbouough bootsie mims really pave the way //its good too see my teamate wm modeste is active –peace

  4. Victor Jeffers

    Hi everyone my name is Victor Jeffers, son of Victor Jeffers Jr. .I stumbled on this site accidently googling my name (Hi cousin LaQuawana). I never met my grandfather but heard millions of great stories about him from my dad. He was always spoken greatly of and I would have loved to met him.Rip Victor Jeffers senior, Rip Victor Jeffers jr (my dad) . You will always be missed.

  5. Peace and blessings Mr Blount. My name is Sudan Jeffers and I am the firstborn son of Victor Jeffers Jr. Thanks for your kind words and sentiments for my Dad and Granddad, two men that were special in so many ways, and forever my greatest heros. Peace and blessings.

  6. Peace and blessings Mr Blount. My name is Sudan Jeffers and I am the firstborn son of Victor Jeffers Jr. Thanks for your kind words and sentiments for our family, my Dad,and Granddad, two men that were special in so many ways, and forever my greatest heros. Peace and blessings.

  7. Would love to have two of your refs for an upcoming basketball tournament someone recommended you guys so I thought I would write and get some more information. I also run a non profit organization called Bed Stuy Stop The Violence Basketball Camp, our tournament starts on June 27, 2015 and I really need some experienced refs we are in Brooklyn, I hope that’s not a problem the age groups are 13-14, 15-17, and 18-up. I really hope you guys can help me I just need to know your rates is it per game or a onetime payment please let me know. Thank You Mr. Harold Robinson

  8. Denise Pilgrim (Walls)

    Join the family in celebration of the life of JULIUS WALLS SR, who maintained his course on Faith Dr, fearing no evil, till he reached the final designated destination – Heaven. VIEWING: Sunday, 8/21/16 from 3:00 pm till 5:30 pm, HOMEGOING: Monday, 8/22/16 @ 9:30 Place: St. Peter Claver Church, 29 Claver Place between Jefferson Avenue and Claver Place in Brooklyn, New York. Transportation: B25, B49,B48, C train, franklin avenue shuttle.
    Please contact me at 3476612537

  9. K. Nielsen

    The Black Family
    We would like to express the loss and passing of John Black, former Athletic Director/Coach, at the Church of the Intercession and SUBOA, NY Basketball Referee.
    Viewing Mon Sep 12, 2016 from 3-7 PM. Funeral Tue Sep 13, 2016 at 10 AM, at the Church of the Intercession, Manhattan.


  10. Rob wilson

    Mike napolitano please send me a photo of your team boys of yesteryear

    My email is: bobwilson.ii56@gmail.com

  11. Rob wilson

    I played biddie ball and other tournaments and victor jeffries refereed dda lot of my games. He was a stern man and no one would back talk him. I too know him as Jeff The Ref.

  12. Ana

    Aww I remember when I was young and my Dad, Ramon Maldonado (born in 1926) used to referee with SUBOA. He was so proud! Think it was in the 70s. I used to go to some of the games and if I couldn’t go because it was a school night, my Mom would let me wait up for him. Wonderful memories. My Dad passed away on April 29, 2013 at 87 yrs old and my Mom unexpectedly passed away last year on August 27, 2018, at 80 yrs old.

  13. Jonathan Taylor

    I am a Suboa Official
    Snap Class of 1997.
    My Name is
    Jonathan Taylor Harlem .NYC Proud And Honored To One. Thank You !

    • Nice to hear from you. So, you were in the class taught by Charles Lloyd. We are planning to offer a member Welcome Back option. Please subscribe to this newsletter and you’ll get an email about it. Thanks.

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