PSAL Basketball Officials

The PSAL regular season tipped off on Monday, November 18. As you take the court to officiate games, on behalf of the PSAL, I would like to thank you for the valuable work you do. The PSAL office schedules 3000 + basketball games each year. You are with us, in partnership every step of the way, preserving and enforcing the rules of the game. Please remember the important reminders below as you carry out your responsibilities on the court. We appreciate your efforts. – Danny Harris

Quick Reference Guide – Officials Expectations / Home team expectations

  • 1. Please confirm your game assignment with your PSAL Assignor and confirm assignment on prior to departure to your game
  • 2. Arrive on time and conduct appropriate pre-game with partners (at least 30 min. prior to tipoff)
  • 3. Appearance – dress and groom appropriately. Make a good first impression
  • 4. Identify and introduce yourself to coaches, student-athletes, and table personnel
  • 5. Know the rules & enforce the rules (PSAL Rules & NFHS Rules)
  • 6. Enforce the No Tolerance for Fighting and Profanity policies. No Tolerance means no warnings, no explanations, and no negotiations.
  • 7. Manage the game
  • 8. Be aware of safety concerns
  • 9. Enforce bench & spectator decorum
  • 10. De-escalate situations
  • 11. If you eject players or coaches, immediately note ejection in scorebook, record the school name, name(s) and number(s) of all player(s) involved, and report to Assignor
  • 12. The home team must provide a safe and suitable environment for entrance/ exit and competition
  • 13. The home team must provide a safe and suitable office, room, or locker room for you to change pre and post-game
  • 14. The home team must provide functional score clock and shot clocks
  • 15. Please contact your Assignor if a team has not arrived at the game location within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time

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