63 Things A Working Official Should Know

With the 2019-20 season approaching, please read the timeless piece “63 Things You Should Know As A Working Basketball Official”. It will make you a better official. I suggest you keep a copy in your bag with your rule book. 

A Work In Progress
by Charles Lloyd

The following suggestions are based on the experiences of basketball officials and are not intended to be the complete or definitive list. Your suggestions and additions are encouraged.


1. Prepare your official’s equipment and bag at least 48 hours before game time, whenever possible. Make sure everything is cleaned and pressed! Take extra shoelaces.

2. When packing your bag, start with your feet and as you move towards your head, place the respective items in your bag as you “name” them on your body.

3. Avoid traveling with your partner(s) to the same assigned game. If you are delayed, neither official will arrive “on-time.”

4. Whenever possible, get the telephone number of game site and/or coach, site coordinator in the event, you are delayed or unable to cover your assignment.

5. Never accept an assignment that you cannot possibly get to on time.

6. Never take a later assignment that is so close to your first game, which may delayed or go into overtime.

7. Never turn back an assignment for a higher paying assignment.

8. Always leave enough time to arrive at the game site at least one [1) hour before game time. Don’t get the label” Don’t worry, he’s/she’s always late.”

9. Whenever possible you should always remain, after your game, until the next assigned officials show up.

10. You are permitted to wear your official’s trousers and undershirt, to the game, if you have never been to the site or if there are no changing facilities or the facility is nonexistent or deplorable? Get a good garment bag. Continue reading

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Bertram Gay Jr


We all knew him as “Butch” and he will be deeply missed. He passed October 17, 2019.

Memorial Service:
Tuesday October 29, 2019
Fellowship Covenant Church
720 Castle Hill Ave
Bx, NY
11 am – 12:30 pm

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white flowers in vaseOur condolences to Danny Pridgen and family
on the passing of his wife Desiree.
Sunday October 27
Granby’s Funeral Home
4021 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY
2PM -6PM
Monday October 28
Grace Baptist Church
52 S 6th Street
Mount Vernon NY
Viewing 9:00AM
Service 10:00 AM

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Holcombe Rucker Gala

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Boys PSAL Sullivan Games

Referee bwUPDATE-The schedule for the Boys PSAL Sullivan Games has been changed. Manhattan/Bronx will work the afternoon after the IAABO BD 42 Interpretation Meeting on October 19. – Haneef Nelson

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